HU-GO Integration – an easier way to manage your trips across Hungary

TrustTrack HU-GO solution allows clients (operators) to initiate and automatically perform the payments for the Hungary road toll without any additional platforms or gadgets.

  • Save Time – Avoid queuing in physical ticket sale points (gas stations; various kiosks); always pay accurate e-toll fees, without any need to visit the HU-GO website and interrupt the trip.
  • Avoid Fines – Prevent the risk of getting a fine in case the driver changes the pre-planned route.
  • Optimize Operations –  Take the advantage of the possibility to process payments on the HU-GO platform remotely.
  • Save Money – Report your real-time travel position on the system and pay the toll fee automatically. Even if your destination point is modified you don’t have to bother about that – the system will locate you by itself.

Get the complete automatic payment solution from Ruptela (hardware and HUGO integration) and avoid the cost and inconvenience of purchasing additional external transmission units along with their maintenance cost.

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