Integration with Poland‘s SENT system

TrustTrack is integrated with the SENT system and can automatically send data, which is required by the authorities.

What is SENT system?

SENT is a system used in Poland, that aims to eliminate fraud related to VAT, excise duties and other forms of tax. 

The system first was introduced in Poland in 2017, updated in 2018 and is active and used today. 


Companies that transport certain „sensitive” goods must register their cargo and provide location data to authorities when travelling in Poland. 

Sensitive goods include dried tobacco, alcohol products, medications and other products, that are susceptible to fraud. If a company is carrying more than 500 kilograms or 500 litres of anything that is under the regulation, a company must take specific actions to comply with the law.

This regulation applies to cargoes that are being transported from Poland, to Poland or are being transported across the country territory. 

If a company fails to register cargo and provide the required information, a company can receive a sizeable financial fine. 

More information about the SENT system and regulations can be found here –

TrustTrack and SENT-GEO

To provide required location data, companies can either use GPS tracking system or a special SENT-GEO app for the driver. However, using the app to register is not as reliable and comfortable – drivers can forget to turn on the app, and they need to have a charged smartphone or a tablet. 

A more convenient way is to send location data using a GPS tracking system – an operator at the back office can handle everything. 

To enable SENT-GEO module in TrustTrack and set up the needed configuration, please follow this instruction. With SENT-GEO module, companies can send required location data and monitor its status.