Ruptela’s integration with e-TOLL – New Electronic Toll Collection System in Poland

Ruptela has presented an integration with e-TOLL – a New Electronic Toll Collection System in Poland. Our solution allows to pay road tolls without any additional gadgets and prevents from interrupting the travel.

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What is the new e-TOLL system in Poland?

The new E-toll system in Poland is an advanced solution developed, implemented, maintained and monitored by the Head of the National Revenue Administration, with the toll collection functionality for vehicles driven on toll sections of roads in Poland under the management of the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways. It replaces the incumbent viaTOLL system which will expire by 30 September 2021 at the latest.

Therefore, Ruptela’s e-TOLL integration on TrustTrack simplifies the operational processes for transport managers, finance departments and provide responsible people with a better overview of their fleet’s efficiency. 

How does Ruptela's solution work with the new e-TOLL system?

The integration enables a quick and more efficient way of paying for the paid roads for the companies operating through Poland. How does this work? Ruptela’s fleet management platform TrustTrack tracks the vehicle’s journey in real-time and registers where and when it entered or exited the paid road section. In this way, the e-TOLL payment system integrated with TrustTrack allows clients to initiate and automatically perform the payments for Polish toll roads based on this information. 

How can e-TOLL integration benefit the business?

First, dispatchers will have the ability to easily access and see when and where the vehicle entered the paid road. It will help to save time and will enable quick and easy administration of the road toll. On the other hand, business owners will benefit from e-TOLL integration by avoiding the penalties related to unauthorized paid road usage. Finally, it will enable drivers to pay road tolls automatically without wasting time on additional platforms and interrupting travel.

The automatic Ruptela's e-TOLL solution – integration on TrustTrack – improves the overall operational efficiency of the fleet and helps to prevent fines for violating Polish laws.

  • Save time – Pay taxes automatically without the need to visit the e-TOLL platform or use additional gadget.
  • Avoid fines – Avoid the risk of a fine in case the driver changes a pre-planned route.
  • Optimize your operations – Make payments remotely and take advantage of having all the relevant payment data in one place.
  • Save money – Report your real-time travel location and pay the exact amount of tolls automatically, even if you change your destination.

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