HU-GO Integration on TrustTrack – an easier way to track in Hungary

Ruptela just took one more significant step forward in facilitating the company’s vision to power the most efficient use of transport for the sustainable world. This week the company introduced its latest TrustTrack integration – HU-GO solution, which enables the remote payment for toll-roads in Hungary. HU-GO is the first such type of integration presented by Ruptela, which further supports clients in managing their workflow and financial resources more efficiently. 

Truck Highway

The integration enables a quicker and more efficient way of paying for the paid roads for the companies operating in the long-haul transportation business. How does this work? Ruptela’s fleet management platform TrustTrack tracks the vehicle’s journey in real-time and registers where and when it entered or exited the paid road section. Subsequently, the HU-GO solution integrated with TrustTrack allows clients (operators) to initiate and automatically perform the payments for Hungary toll roads based on this information. 

The standard way of paying for such service is by using the pre-loaded declining-balance cards or buying prior authorization proof for road use. This system becomes exceptionally inconvenient for long-haul transportation companies that have many vehicles operating on the roads simultaneously. Then the tracking of numerous vehicles and controlling the financial resources become complicated. Also, considering the global pandemic, the driver’s need to get out of the vehicle every single time he needs to reload the card or manually pay at the counter becomes problematic and even dangerous. 

Therefore, such solutions like HU-GO integration on TrustTrack simplify the operational processes for transport managers, finance departments and provide responsible people with a better overview of their fleet’s efficiency. 

How can HU-GO integration benefit the business?

There are numerous stakeholders at the company who can directly benefit from using Ruptela’s HU-GO integration. First, dispatchers who want to easily access and see when and where the vehicle entered the paid road – they want to save time by having the ability to quickly and easily administer the road toll. At the same time, business owners who wish to avoid the penalties related to unauthorized paid road usage. Finally, drivers who do not want to waste time on manual payments or card pre-loading procedures each time the balance is about to expire.  

It is safe to say that this automatic payment option – HU-GO integration on TrustTrack - helps to prevent fines for violating Hungarian laws, saves the possible costs for the company, and improves the overall operational efficiency of the fleet.

  • Save Time – Avoid queuing in physical ticket sale points (gas stations or various kiosks); always pay accurate e-toll fees, without any need to visit the HU-GO website and interrupt the trip. 
  • Avoid Fines – Prevent the risk of getting a fine in case the driver changes the pre-planned route. 
  • Optimize Operations – Take advantage of the possibility to process payments on the HU-GO platform remotely. 
  • Save Money – Report your real-time travel position on the system and pay the toll fee automatically. Even if your destination point is modified, you do not have to bother about that – the system will locate you by itself. 

Move around Hungary trouble-free! 

Get the complete automatic payment solution from Ruptela (hardware and HUGO integration) and avoid the cost and inconvenience of purchasing additional external transmission units along with their maintenance cost.

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