Greater Automation Thanks to Integration

The primary function of all kinds of digital systems is to increase the possibilities of human work and replace them in the most tedious tasks. The latter role is perfectly fulfilled by task automation.

Analyzing data from various sources is often a slow and unsatisfying task. In the field of TSL, without the support of artificial intelligence, this is often a thankless and impossible challenge. Appropriate data and conclusions based on the analysis are often needed here and now, which means that there is simply no time to collect them. And as we all know – time is money. The equation is simple – the more advanced processes you can automate, the more time the system operator will spend on tasks that require creativity and the human eye. 

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Since companies operating in the transport, logistics and shipping market began to invest in unique systems supporting employees in various tasks, their possibilities have increased significantly. However, software and hardware have taken over various spaces and functions in companies with different functionalities. It became necessary to work together to automate even more processes and present the user with even more comprehensive data. 

The idea to enable integration between one of the most popular systems used in various spheres of TSL companies’ activity was born. TrustTrack, software (and hardware) indispensable in the work of a dispatcher, but also supporting drivers, has been integrated with the interLAN SPEED software. Both programs can communicate with each other seamlessly and use the same mobile devices. Thanks to this, the efficiency of transport planning increases even more because employees in the HQ no longer have to worry about data import between systems.


From now on, they have complete control over all elements of the transport process. Most of the functions offered by TrustTrack include accurate route planning, assigning tasks to specific drivers and vehicles, controlling operating costs, incl. fuel consumption or remote reading of driver cards has been supplemented with several back-office options thanks to the integration with SPEED. Thanks to the fact that both systems can cooperate, the employees using them get a full range of possibilities. Instantly generated reports and analyses will allow you to streamline processes and find new market opportunities. All documentation and billing work will be carried out without problems, from order acceptance to invoicing and debt collection.

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The possibilities of the program also include tasks related to the calculation of remuneration and the settlement of business trips, allowances, and advances without fear of entering the same data into the system several times. Other costs are also under control, including operational (tire management, but also issues related to repairs and insurance policies and claims settlement), as well as management and handling of complaints, and finally settlements of carriers, pallets and even fuel cards. In other words – TrustTrack and SPEED together ensure the smooth functioning of even the most complex business in the TFL industry. 

However, TrustTrack and SPEED have been integrated so that they can also complement each other on the road. On mobile devices adapted to the Ruptela system, you can also successfully use the interLAN software, which means that the dispatcher in the base always receives an up-to-date, massive package of information from drivers on the road. However, simply ensuring synergy between the software would only be a partial solution if both systems could not function in synergy in the mobile version. 

Both systems are fully prepared for integration after the latest updates. Integration is already successfully used in large transport companies operating in Poland.