GPS tracker installation tips

Wrong GPS tracker mounting may damage the device and cause it to malfunction. When installing a GPS tracker there a few simple rules, that should be followed. Here is a list of tips, that will help you to install GPS trackers properly.

  • GPS tracker should be placed where it cannot be seen or easily reached. This will help to avoid tracker being damaged or removed by driver or passengers.
  • The device must be installed in the service access area (e.g. under the dashboard, behind fuse box).
  • The device should be firmly fixed to a flat surface. It should be fitted with double sided stick tape or zip-ties. The device should be installed facing up.
  • Avoid mounting GPS tracker near metal surfaces or cables. The device also cannot be fixed to heat emitting or moving parts as it may damage the device.
  • The device has a built-in accelerometer, therefore, it is sensitive to movement. It is recommended to choose a stable installation position, where it is not subjected to vibrations.
  • SIM card should be inserted in the device while the connector is plugged off (while the device has no power).
  • GPS tracker antenna should be placed behind the dashboard as close to the window as possible. It must be uncovered and installed heads up.
  • Always follow the instructions provided by the device manufacturer. Different manufacturer devices might seem physically very similar but it doesn’t mean, that their installation is the same. If you cannot find official installation instructions, simply contact manufacturers tech. support.

Installation manuals, quick start guides and datasheets for Ruptela GPS trackers are available at our documentation website

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