Tracker configurator: Device Center

Our GPS tracking hardware just became much easier to use! We have released a new configurator – it is called Device Center. It allows configuring Ruptela manufactured GPS trackers faster and easier.

Device Center is a clear and user-friendly application with semi-automated configuration. All-new design and configuration process improvements will help new and advanced users with the configuration process.

Device Center overview:

  • All interrelated settings and IO parameters turn on automatically.
  • Application recommends the most optimal values for settings and parameters.
  • Simple user interface with no unnecessary information and settings.
  • Trackers work with a default configuration (only when used on TrustTrack).
  • Faster configuration process.
  • Informational tooltips guide user along the way.
  • Faster technician onboarding.

How to use Device Center?

Even though Device Center is pretty much self-explanatory, video tutorials are always useful. We have made six tutorial videos, that show the configuration process of the most popular features. Or you can read Device Center user manual, which covers all Device Center settings and parameters in details. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us.

Video tutorial: Basic reporting

Video tutorial: CAN data reading via OBD

Video tutorial: Eco-Drive

Video tutorial: Towing and roll over detection

Video tutorial: Driver registration

Video tutorial: CAN data reading via FMS and Tacho file download

Device Center is the primary tool to configure all Ruptela manufactured GPS trackers. Old configurator version is still available via Device Center application. To download Device Center application visit –