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Advanced GPS trackers and fleet management platform „TrustTrack“

February 9 & 11

Join Ruptela's webinars to learn how the combination of quality hardware and advanced software tracking platforms could contribute to the efficiency of your business operations and increased profitability.


Future-proof GPS tracking device for the most efficient business operations

Tuesday, February 9th 2021
2PM (GMT +1)


TrustTrack Fleet Management Platform from A to Z

Thursday, February 11th 2021
2PM (GMT +1)

Ruptela’s HCV5 is peace-of-mind GPS tracking device that simplifies installation and everyday use, providing more value through upgraded connectivity optionsadditional functionality, and easy installation.  

Designed for diverse vehicle tracking (trucks, busses, agriculture, and other specialized machinery)HCV5 can also perform advanced tasks – read on-board computer data (CAN), monitor driver behavior, remotely download tachograph data, manage fuel, and more. This way, it helps to reduce fleet upkeep and maintenance costs, minimize risks of accidents, and in case they happen, ensures quicker reaction and their investigation. 

Join the webinar to learn more about Ruptela’s advanced GPS tracker HCV5 and additional wireless accessories that already help our clients cut costs and increase earnings.

TrustTrack is Ruptela’s developed easy-to-use integral telematics platform for businesses to manage their transport resources.

It offers multiple advanced solutions necessary for transport companies, such as Tacho & Driving Times Violations, Eco-Drive, Fuel monitoring & control, and others which have a proven track record of helping the companies to streamline operations and cut unnecessary costs. The most recently released Routing & Tasking solution on TrustTrack has been developed while carefully considering the clients’ needs – making sure that the route planning and task management process is smooth and efficient. 

Join our webinar to learn about the main values of TrustTrack and discover the key functionalities and navigation possibilities on the live tour around the platform.

Please note that both webinars are organized as separate sessions, and if you want to attend them both, you need to register for them separately.
What our Partners say:
AT consultors

Razvan Petricas
CEO, Cargo Track Solutions

“We`ve been using Ruptela services since 2012, and we have to say that it has transformed the way we do business. For our company, TrustTrack is an all-in-one platform that provides advanced, powerful, and reliable telematics services.
Right from the beginning of our collaboration Ruptela offer us their full support and knowledge and help us to be what we are today, one of the biggest fleet management solutions companies from Romania.”

Fabian Ardiles
Owner, A.T.Consultors

“Being a Commercial Partner of Ruptela has been one of the most successful decisions we have made in the long history of Atconsultors and this allowed us to have access to excellent quality Hardware, with a competitive price.
As a provider of GPS location service, we have in TrustTrack a powerful, reliable, and safe platform with very high satisfaction rates from our clients/users.”