FM-Eco4+ S GPS tracker released

We have released a new GPS tracker – FM-Eco4+ S. It is a rock-solid vehicle tracker with all essential tracking features and simple installation.

FM Eco4 S cropped2

Easier installation

FM-Eco4+ S has a series of small, but important improvements, that will make its installation easier. This will help to reduce installation time and overall costs. Here are the main improvements:

  • The new GPS tracker has two versions – with internal antenna (FM-Eco4+ S) and with external antenna (FM-Eco4+ E S).
  • FM-Eco4+ S has a new shape, which is optimized to be used with zip-ties.
  • LED indicators for 1-Wire, GSM and GNSS are visible from front and side.
  • Strengthened screw pillars.
  • No special USB configuration cable needed.

Quality and reliability

FM-Eco4+ S puts focus on high quality and reliability. It is designed to successfully operate in various harsh conditions. Key facts:

  • 99.9% quality (Made in EU)
  • New housing with more mechanical strength
  • Fully waterproof (IP67 certified)
  • Fully dustproof (IP67 certified)
  • Built-in battery
  • Low power sleep and deep sleep modes
  • Certification: E-mark, CE, RoHS, IP67

Essential features

FM-Eco4+ S is a standard GPS tracker with all essential features for fleet management. Features:

  • Real-time data from GPS, accelerometer
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Driver registration and identification
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Internal geozones
  • Jamming notifications
  • Commands and configuration via SMS

To learn more about FM-Eco4+ S application, technical specification or order a sample, please fill in the form below.