TrustTrack: Driving Times module

View driving times and related violations. Driving Times module helps to prevent fines for violating EU-regulation (EC) No 561/2006, analyse drivers time easier and improve operations planning.

Driver Activity Timeline

Driver Activity Timeline shows a summary of driver’s week and day – time spent working, driving, available and unknown (when driver card is removed). Flags in the timeline show when and what violation was made.

Click on the flag to see violation details and move the mouse over the specific day or time slot to see detailed information.

Driver activity transparent 1

Driving Times Violations

Driving Times Violations shows driving time and rest period violations made by drivers. Operator is provided with violation information and can take preventative actions – driver trainings, improving planning and other operational tasks.

Driving Times Violations 1

Violation details

View violation details – driver, vehicle, country, date and time

Violation severity

Violations are classified by their duration

Driving time details

View time spent working, driving, available, resting and unknown (card removed)

Driver’s time summary

View weekly and daily summary of driver’s time

Violation type

See which rules were violated with paragraph number and brief explanation

Factual information

See what regulation allows and how driver violated it

Filter information

Sort violations by any field – driver, date, type

Export as a PDF file 

Download violations list as a PDF file


Keeping track of violations

Driving time violations can result in large fines, interrupted operations and loss of license.

Driver can make up to 16 different violations. For a single operator it can be an overwhelming task to manually identify all violations made by drivers.

No more need for additional programs

With TrustTrack, you do not need any other softwares to complete tasks with tachograph and driver’s time management.

Everything can be done with TrustTrack – download tachograph files, manage and analyse driving times and keep track of driving time violations.

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