Connect TrustTrack and get HU-GO for free

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How TrustTrack might be a good fit for your business?

Planning, real-time monitoring, analysis

Remote tacho download

The complete solution for digital tachographs and drivers’ time management to comply with EU regulations.

Fuel level monitoring

GPS tracking device collects fuel level and consumption data from vehicle onboard computer (CANbus) or from a fuel level sensor, which is installed into the fuel tank.

Routing & tasking

Manage tasks and monitor fuel consumption with TrustTrack and receive real-time notifications.

Safety & security

Add extra safety and security measures to the vehicle and trailer. Improve cargo, driver, vehicle, and trailer protection.

Tablet solution

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety, and set up a motivation system by monitoring driver behavior.

Easy installation

Ergonomic screwless design, internal antennas, installation assistant tool, less struggle with wireless sensors. Up to 3x times quicker installation.

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Connect TrustTrack and get HU-GO for free