Case Study: Managing a fleet of over 3000 trucks

Find out what is truly important for companies with large fleets! Take 2 minutes to learn key principles in tracking and managing a fleet of over 3000 trucks.
Watch the story of our partner Girteka – one of the leading logistics companies in Europe and CIS.

Telematics solution

Instead of having different systems from different truck manufacturers, Girteka chose a full telematics solution from Ruptela. The basis of the solution was the TrustTrack platform together with FM-Tco4 HCV GPS trackers. The provided solution allows the company to see where each vehicle is, when it will arrive, how much fuel is left, the temperature in the cargo compartment and many other parameters. It also allows Girteka to apply advanced telematics solutions to its fleet.

With the tachograph solution, Girteka is able to remotely download and store tachograph and driver card data. It also makes the planning of drivers’ time much easier, as it allows the company to see how many driving hours are remaining, when the driver will need to rest, whether the driver will be able to reach a destination without breaking any regulations, etc.

Road safety is one of the most important aspects for Girteka Logistics, so the company puts a lot of focus on having skilled drivers. The Eco-Drive solution helps the company monitor its drivers’ behaviour and based on this information improve their driving skills where needed.

Growth and exceptional service

Ruptela’s provided telematics solution has proven to be valuable and has played a part in helping Girteka become a leading transport company in Europe. Having strong suppliers such as Ruptela helps Girteka focus on its core business – delivering great transport services to its customers.

Case study date: 12 May 2017

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