Building full solution or taking everything from one hands

When talking about vehicle telematics there is a high chance that at one point you will hear someone saying phrase „full solution”. Therefore, let’s shed some light on full solution itself in vehicle telematics field. To do that we need to answer two short questions – what exactly is full solution and what are the benefits of it.

What is full solution?

When you ask different telematics providers around the world what does the full solution stand in vehicle telematics, you get answers such as “GPS tracker with a real-time monitoring software” or “the combination of tracking and monitoring products that satisfy the customer”. We would say that the last definition accurately describes full solution meaning from the customers – the end users perspective. It is everything that client needs to manage his fleet more efficiently. But what about service providers that have to do business with many different types of end users? Being one ourselves we decompose this phrase into four main parts:

  • Hardware part
  • Software part
  • Accessories part
  • Support and integrations part

Hardware part. GPS tracking device is considered to be the basis of any fleet management solution. Though they all might look like small black boxes the main difference lies within them. Some GPS trackers are designed for basic tracking such as gathering vehicles location, speed, route history and some are state-of-the-art devices capable of analysing drivers’ behaviour and gathering various parameters – from trailer temperature to tachograph data or pre-set geozones violation. Moreover to have a full set of GPS tracking devices, telematics provider must have not only basic and advanced trackers but also the ability to provide them with pre-installed SIM cards and even offer a renting possibility.

Software part. Real time vehicle monitoring software is another key element of any fleet management solution. It is a system that process various data gathered from GPS trackers and allows its user to make valuable decisions on how to manage his fleet. Various vehicle activity reports and real time data allows fleet manager to always know what is happening with the vehicle, driver and cargo. However this type of systems usually do not cover another key element of fleet management process – the distribution of orders and the best route creation. Some telematics solution providers already started fixing this mistake by creating special route and order optimization software that works together with real time vehicle monitoring system.

Accessories part. Having hardware and software part of the fleet management solution usually is not enough for telematics providers, due to specific needs of end user business. For example perishable cargo transportation cannot be imagined without the constant monitoring of the trailer or refrigerating equipment status. And this is done by installing special temperature sensors to the trailer. Another good example is the installation of fleet management solution. GPS trackers installation can be a difficult process which can be made extremely simply with the right accessories that allow anyone to perform a professional device installation. Moreover when connection to the vehicles CAN bus is required there is a high risk of damaging vehicle if connection is done manually. A special connectors can prevent that by connecting to the vehicles CAN bus externally and not even damaging manufacturer’s warranty.

Support and integrations part. Every fleet management solution needs maintenance and support. No matter if it is just a basic or highly advanced solution at some point it will eventually require help form its manufacturer. Looking back at all the covered parts of vehicle telematics makes one thing especially clear – it is a complex solution, made of very different pieces that need to work hand in hand. And when it comes to problem solving, contacting one provider for all question is simply better. Taking solution parts from different providers creates a high risk that some pieces may not integrate successfully and fail to deliver the value.

Finally, full solution in vehicle telematics covers all the hardware and software pieces together, but most important it makes everything to perform as it should. And when it comes to technical support and integrations with third party products, it also allows to benefit from full solution providers extensive experience in the field. To the question should you build vehicle telematics solution from different providers or take everything from one company – we recommend going with one company that can provide full solution on its own.

About Ruptela. Ruptela is a vehicle telematics solution provider based in Lithuania, Europe. Company provides full range vehicle telematics related products. Ruptela develops real time vehicle monitoring software, route and order optimization system and manufactures a variety of GPS tracking devices and additional accessories. Company was founded in 2007 and today operates in 116 countries.