Assistant for driver and fleet manager

No one would argue, that effective communication between driver and fleet manager is crucial for successful operations. To avoid miscommunication between driver and fleet manager we’ve created an OnTrack App, which is part of the TrustTrack platform.

For fleet manager

Fleet manager can send tasks, routes and messages from TrustTrack platform to the OnTrack App used by the driver. This means no more additional 3rd party programs and Apps for sending messages, routes and tasks. Everything can be done using TrustTrack platform with all information and history records being stored in one place.

  • Send tasks with pre-set routes
  • Monitor task progress
  • Send messages, files and photos

For driver

Driver downloads and uses OnTrack App to manage tasks, navigate and view Eco-Drive parameters. Single App for tasks and communication will allow driver to fully focus on driving and delivering cargo.

  • Receive tasks with pre-set routes
  • Navigate directly from App
  • Automatic task status update
  • Send messages, files and photos

OnTrack is a free mobile app (for now Android only) created for TrustTrack platform users. Click here to download OnTrack App.

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