Year In Review

The year is coming to an end and now it is a good time to look back at the highlights of our GPS tracking solutions and achievements in 2016.

TrustTrack facelift

2016 was a big year for our fleet monitoring and control system TrustTrack. It got completely new looks and now brings users great user experience and powerful features. With new looks also came major improvements such as Google maps, adaptive and responsive design, complete remake of Eco driving module and many more things. The best way to understand the new TrustTrack is to try it for yourself.

GPS tracking hardware

Our made GPS tracking devices also got quite big technological improvements. FM-Tco4 HCV, FM-Tco4 LCV, FM-Pro4 and FM-Eco4 light GPS trackers were upgraded and now are available in versions that support 3G. And FM-Pro4 has been even more upgraded and now is available with Bluetooth module that simplifies the connection between GPS tracker in the cabin and accessories in the trailer. Together with new and upgraded features we also managed to maintain the quality of our GPS tracking devices at 99.8%.

Partner Network expansion

Another achievement is a successful Partner Network launch and growth. It currently has 26 active members that are based in various regions around the world. As the year comes to an end we can see that benefits that Partner Network members receive are truly effective and helping them to grow faster.

Growth and local attractiveness

This year our team grew from 181 people at the beginning of the year to 218 at this moment. Such growth was influenced by steadily increasing our attractiveness as an employer in Lithuania. Furthermore, we have won “I love my company” contest held by Lithuanian Business Confederation and Lithuanian Ministry of Economy awarded us for for business achievements. Oh, and a musical band formed in the company which first song can be heard here.

We think that 2016 was great. Let’s make 2017 even greater!