100 000 objects in TrustTrack

We have connected 100 000 objects in TrustTrack platform!

Some business analytics group fleet management platforms to large platforms with over 100 000 connected objects and to small platforms with fewer than 100 000 connected objects. This year we have already grown from 75 000 objects to over 100 000 objects!

TrustTrack 100k objects connected

TrustTrack vision

Our vision for TrustTrack is to make it an exceptionally easy to use, integral, trustworthy full solution platform for transport telematics.

Every two weeks we are updating TrustTrack with new features and improvements, requested by our partners and platform users. We are also applying new technologies and practices in the development and closely following global technological trends.

Top 3 strategic directions

We are going to continue to build TrustTrack platform. Light commercial vehicles, lorries, medium-sized trucks and other fleets have their own specifics which we are going to cover.

Another direction – platform quality increase. It’s not only increasing the uptime and speed of the platform, but also taking actions to prevent any incidents from occurring and if they do – having the ability to resolve them within minutes.

Finally, we are going to make TrustTrack easier to administrate for our partners and easier to integrate it with other systems.

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