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Meet Mohamed, Senior Technical support engineer – a tech person with public speaking skills

How did you find Ruptela?  

I consider myself a tech enthusiast who finds pleasure in helping others. Since my early childhood, I was the go to person for my family, friends and neighbors when it came to technical issues with their devices.

I moved to Lithuania from the Netherlands and started looking for a job here. I came across one of the job advertisements that seemed like everything I’ve ever wanted – a technical support specialist.

I did a quick research about the company and I was amazed by its fast growth and achievements. After checking some videos about the internal culture as well, I did not hesitate to apply for the position.

Tell us what tradition at Ruptela do you like best?  

If I could choose one, I would select our internal currency (Ruplitai) and written Ačiū notes.

When going the extra mile and helping colleagues, we get a handwritten Ačiū note. It goes from LEAN meeting to LEAN meeting until it reaches you, so public recognition happens not only in your team but all around the company. It encourages other teammates to go this extra mile for each other.

You can also send Ruplitai (1 Ruplitas = 1 euro) as a reward for the help or just for being a great colleague.

How do you improve the telematics world every day?  

I enjoy what I do, and this kind of mindset naturally improves Ruptela and Telematics.

One of the core goals of transport telematics is to ensure fleet and driver safety and help to save the environment. What can be more important? Our team, Operations department, plays a big part in this by helping our clients and assisting in making sure that the solutions we provide are correct, beneficial and easy to use.

Tell me about a new skill you’ve learned while working here?Who would have thought that a technical specialist needs to have excellent public speaking skills?

I started developing this by providing trainings for colleagues and our clients remotely. I had a chance to challenge myself to represent my team in internal conferences and various meetings. After all of it, it became easier to start doing webinars and speaking in front of more than 100 people about complicated technical things in an understandable way.

One more skill that I managed to improve here was the Lithuanian language. Foreign employees (it’s more than 50 of us here), have a chance to have language
lessons free of charge inside the office. I am not fluent, but getting there.