Meet Klaidas, Sales manager – jumping from the internship into Ruptela office in Mexico

How did you become a part of Ruptela? 

I was a 4th-year student of Industrial Technology Management on the verge of a deadline for finding a company to complete my internship and bachelor thesis. I have heard good things about Ruptela from my peers at the University and after doing a little bit of research, I have decided to try my luck. I sent an email to HR, saying I would like to join Supply chain department as an intern. Turns out, it was a perfect moment for it, because the department was expanding and was lacking an extra pair of hands. It took me a couple of months to move from an intern to a Supply manager.

From the Supply department to work in sales. How?  

While working in supply, I was also actively learning Spanish language with the hope of being able to use it later in my professional career. Once came an opportune moment, I got a chance to make an internal career change to a sales manager position for Latin America regions. One more shift is happening soon – I’ve got an offer to move to our newly opened branch in Mexico and continue my Ruptela journey there.

Why did you decide to learn Spanish?  

In the beginning, the main goal was to learn a 3rd language. Spanish seemed very attractive because I was always interested in different cultures of Spanish speaking countries. The idea that speaking one language will let me communicate not only in Spain but also in almost all Latin America was also motivating. Also, I have many Spanish colleagues around, so practicing a new language was more accessible than ever.

What does it mean for you to work for a company founded by a Lithuanian?

It feels good knowing that a Lithuanian company makes the technology and quality products that we are selling over the world. The fact that we, as a small country, are reliable in the technology sector and are producing the highest-class products gives me confidence working here.

I must mention that even though Ruptela is a Lithuanian company, most of the time it does not feel like so, due to office multiculturalism and the aspect of working with international markets and customers all around the world.