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Meet Alaa, Sales manager – working in sales is much more than attracting a client

What was your most significant achievement here in Ruptela?

It may sound funny, but I remember my first client as it was yesterday. It was a pretty shocking moment for myself – I did something that not a lot of people believed! It was a great achievement since I felt a huge gratitude not only from my direct manager but also from all top management. Ever since that moment, I felt like a part of this business.

What is it like to work as a sales manager here?

You have to be communicative, flexible and owning every challenge you get. Sometimes it seems that our company values were identified according to the salesmen profile. All of my colleagues match it: care, courage and evolution. Sales work isn’t always about finding the new client. It is about maintaining relationship with clients and growing together with them. Matching our values-based profile is natural for me because my personality is chatty and caring.

Is your team supportive?

One of the things I like the most is Ruptela philosophy – appreciation and support culture is felt here every day. Showing gratitude for every extra mile and effort and getting it back from the whole team motivates me to do even more than expected.

How do you imagine yourself in the near future?

I think being here will help me to build many success stories. I have a goal to continually improve, enrich my network, to learn how to handle teams and big projects from my direct manager. Therefore, I imagine myself moving forward, being a product owner and even work on launching more tracking platforms.