Meet Monika Potašinskaitė– Office & HR administration team lead

imageWhen was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

It happened a long time ago and it’s still happening – people and challenges. Ruptela has its own magical atmosphere – it’s a match for me. Ruptela people are purely friendly, this word covers pretty much everything. That makes business relationships turn into friendships. In my opinion, benefiting from challenges is possible if it’s not ‘business as usual’ routine. Also, I believe that overcoming obstacles set the green light for a better experience and greater confidence.

What difference do you see in Monika today and Monika at your first day at Ruptela?

My position is like driving in a roundabout on a hectic highway – making things happen with a calm mindset and strong energy. It is diverse: from different types of paperwork to raising the standard of people’s experience.

I joined Ruptela years ago as an Office manager and no need to hide the truth – the first few weeks were extreme. Back in those days, I remember the feeling that each challenge always benefited both sides: professional growth and contribution to the company’s goals. All in all, having an ability for self-expression when taking on new responsibilities led me to the current point. Now I can say I am stronger, wiser and having deeper know-how professionally and personally. I’m confident and proud to say that working in HR team all these years made me a better human being.

Tell me about a new skill you’ve learned while working here?

Countless! You know by yourself, Ruptela is ‘that’ kind of place. If there’s a will for growth, there’s always a way. But if I should pick one, I’d probably say Lean methodology.

What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever received?

Picking one from many depends on the situation. Let me share the one in Lithuanian that is running in my head pretty often, and yes, it sounds folkloric: “jei perlipai per šunį, perlipsi ir per uodegą” (en: if you climb over the dog, you’ll climb over the tail as well).

I tend to remember this one in complicated situations. When being halfway, I get the feeling of inability to reach the top of the mountain.

How do you relieve stress after an intense workday?

We all know that dogs need to be walked and my Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier makes me do that with no exception. This is my way of unwinding after the intense workday.