Meet Karolis Šereika who after two months internship has become the Junior Developer


What did you like the most when you’ve joined Ruptela?

I enjoyed many things. Firstly, casual and friendly communication among colleagues, spacious office, pizza parties, which made me feel welcome at the company. Also, I enjoyed an opportunity to carry out most of my internship remotely.  Secondly, constantly being aware of how is Ruptela doing. That’s great to know how my work results contribute to the end-user. There is more, working with highly professional colleagues helps to stay motivated. And finally, being a member of a company that is well known in the market of telematics.

How was your start?

I could say it was smooth and easy. In the beginning, I was acquainted with the environment and I got lots of advice which helped me to gain useful skills. The first tasks were those of lower priority and thus, it was a way for me to get into work less stressfully. The further assignments were more complicated, but they allowed me to become a helpful team member.

What did you learn during your internship?

Oh, I’ve learned a lot. One of the things was the Scrum and Lean methodologies. During the Scrum meetings, colleagues talk about what they do and highlight the problems which arise while performing their tasks. Other members may offer assistance or a possible solution. Important information is shared very quickly. Due to sprints, people can always know what jobs are on the table and what has to be considered when performing the tasks. I’ve learned more advanced git, subtilities of programming, and of course how teamwork looks like.

What changes have you noticed since you’ve jumped in the Junior Developer’s shoes?

After becoming an employee, the title switched from Intern to Junior Developer and it was communicated on our intranet. That was a proud moment. I continued with my duties and received a few more responsibilities. Also, it was challenging to study and work simultaneously, but offered flexible hours helped me to manage it easily.

Why do you recommend Ruptela as a place for an internship?

I recommend Ruptela for curious people interested in self–improvement who appreciate friendly relations with colleagues. That’s beneficial to start a career as an intern in Ruptela. Here, you can gain experience while working with real professionals and get mentorship from highly experienced people.