Meet Gabija, HR manager – time management helps me find ways to balance work and hobbies

After 7 years in sunny Spain, you came back to Lithuania and joined Ruptela. What is the story behind that?  

My goal was not to forget the Spanish language while settling here once again. As I studied psychology, I was interested in finding a job where I could use my knowledge. I remember seeing a video about working in sales, where it was described as being a doctor: you need to identify where it hurts and help the client to solve the problem.

Lucky for me, Ruptela had an open position to work in sales for Latin America, which was exactly what I was looking for at the time – I became a sales manager with a psychology background.  Same background led me to HR department, that I am a part of today.

What kind of personality your position requires?   

I was lucky enough to experience an internal career change recently, so I think I have a personality that Ruptela as a company, but not the exact position needs. In sales, I had to be very open, friendly and partnership-oriented, which was pretty comfortable for me, loving Latin culture and Spanish mentality. Switching to the HR position changed only one thing – moving from the client to an employee. The same openness and positivity apply to both.

What was your most exciting office story?  

It is one of the first bright memories that I got here. I was a total newcomer, just warming my feet up when I got the invitation to join a temporary music band at the office. Since I always enjoyed music and knew how to play drums, my instant answer was yes! We recorded an original song in the studio and had a great concert on our rooftop terrace. You can find a video on Youtube!

How does Gabija look like after working hours? How do you keep work-life balance?  

You can find me on the usual 10 km walk, kickboxing at the gym or reading. Last year my goal was to read 50 books, and I did it! Since I became pretty good at time management while working at Ruptela, it is not too complicated to balance between my hobbies and work that I enjoy doing.