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Meet Tatjana, Head of sales to Middle East & Africa – Diverse regions, people and cultures improve me daily

You were living abroad and decided to move back to Lithuania. How did it happen?    

I lived in the UK and was not thinking about changes too much. Life was great there, yet not fulfilling. One day I saw a post on Facebook written by my friend. He was sending Happy Birthday wishes to his mum from a business trip somewhere in Africa. I sent my comment, saying “Hey frog-traveler, maybe there are any open positions for motivated person in the company your work for?” He replied! I was officially back to Lithuania 2 months after my first interview at Ruptela.

What was your career path?   

I came to Ruptela in 2017 to work as a Sales manager for the CIS department. My start was quite hard – lots of information, complex product, complicated technical specifications datasheets. I remember that question in my head, “Tanja, do you really need this?”. Yet, I was super motivated by my team and the general atmosphere of the company. Everyone was trying to help to complete my first sales.

Before coming to Ruptela, I have checked a lot of videos about daily life here. In one of those, the sales manager said that he honestly enjoys doing his work. Back then, I thought that he is just playing a role, but now I get what he meant. I am excited about client’s successes. I want to achieve my goals and show the best results. To be the one now, who is motivating others.

What drives you at work?   

I charge myself while working in export sales. Diverse regions, people and cultures improve me daily. Another part is Ruptela people here – locals and foreigners. It does not matter your religion, gender, or color – we all are equal here. Multiculturalism is a big part of my motivation.

What is unique here that other companies may not have?   

Each year Ruptela alumni people are gathering up for a party. People became so close that you don’t even have to be a former employee to be invited – just have fun with people whose titles changed from coworkers to buddies. This tradition is something that, in my opinion, can happen only in companies where people were becoming friends.

How does your bucket list look like?    

My list is pretty long and most of my plans are related to the scratch-travel map I have next to my office table. I want to open 100 parts/ countries out of 196. 22 is done already! It seems that I am not planning to stop with so many business trips and exhibitions waiting.