Meet Artūras, Head of FW/HW quality assurance – the best day is the one when a new product is released

How did you fall for electronics? 

Electronics was my passion since early childhood. I consistently raised the question to myself – how those tiny components make something work and why some devices tend to serve longer than others. People who create this ‘electronic environment’ always fascinated me and, in my opinion, led humanity forward. These questions led me to get a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Automation Engineering later in life.

How did it feel like when you joined? 

I knew I made the right decision from the very first day here. It was vital for me to feel valued – being comfortable while asking questions, have cheerful colleagues around and feel good in the environment as it is. I was briefly introduced to the main concepts of my work and clearly knew what I was expected to do. Soon after, I was able to start doing what I love – work with electronics.

Why did you decide to grow at the same company? 

Ruptela offered me my first job in 2015 as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Every person I’ve met on the way transferred their experience and made me who I am today.

There are not a lot of Tech companies in Lithuania that demonstrate world-class standards, introduce new technologies, and develop existing ones worldwide. It is hard to say if other companies would be able to offer such a variety of possibilities that would lead to significant self-improvement not only as a professional but also, as a person.

What does it mean to be manager of your team? 

I’ve always known I have to embrace differences to be a good team leader. I keep learning this lesson when I see how every task or message can be understood from various angles. My job here is to support my teams’ goals while giving the freedom to find the most suitable way to reach it. A good manager has to shape his opinion by adapting all the information that is around. It is essential to understand that mistakes are a significant part of work, but only while turned into lessons.

Is your hobby also connected to tech? 

Talking about my leisure time, I have several hobbies that are different from each other. One is a music production process with ‘FL studio’ software and playing as a DJ in parties. I collected quite an impressive collection of light effects during the past five years.

A few years ago, I had started learning languages of programming and creating virtual 3D models, so I don’t go far from tech.

What was the most important day at Ruptela for you? 

The best day is the one when a new product is released. What is so special? The feeling of all hard work, continuous testing and re-creating the product again, and again, is finalized and done. I am incredibly proud of my team every time because of the endless motivation and care they show.

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