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Meet Neringa, Growth product manager – solving client problems by converting needs into product improvements

What is your career story? How did you decide to move to Vilnius?  

I was living and working in  Šiauliai bicycle factory before changing my life and moving to the capital. Interestingly, working in a telematics company and creating tracking solutions is quite similar to the factory I was working before: both are in the transport industry, trying to shape it to be more effective and sustainable. I think of it as my mission – work on the greener and more planet-friendly transport solutions.

What is your position at Ruptela?

My position is a mix of marketing and product management – Growth Product Manager. The only way to know/realize which direction to shape our platform and product is by listening. I am communicating with our Sales department, customers and gathering feedback on daily specific problems and values needed. My responsibilities include foreseeing and evaluating new opportunities, preparing internal training on new functionalities and helping manage happy or not so satisfied customers.

What is your favorite tradition we have here?

I value our internal events, where management and colleagues discuss monthly/yearly results, share their insights about the past and our future. I believe this tradition may not always be the most entertaining one, but it helps us stay on the same page regarding the direction we are going.

Is your position challenging?

Growth Product Manager position allows me to be flexible and able to prioritize, knowing how to approach different people and yet, stay sharp and critical, evaluating the internal and external needs. Matching client demand with our internal product strategy and resources is crucial for expanding business and fostering its growth.

What brings Ruptela forward, in your opinion?

I think from the very roots, Ruptela is all about courage. I can only imagine how brave our CEO must have been to become a young business owner with a vision that brought us here, where we are today. I can see that this courageous direction is still reflecting on decisions, vision and strategy.