FW R&D group Team leader Žygimantas

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Meet Žygimantas, one of the FW R&D group Team leader – passion for electronics shaped my career path

How did electronics become a big part of your life?

It all started in my early childhood. Ever since then, I was pretty sure that my future will be related to this field. My first passion was aviation and aviation modeling. It brought me a gliding hobby in Biržai aerodrome. I wanted to become a real pilot, but the tech part of planes excited me more.

I got an internship at Ruptela. After that, I was offered a job in the Firmware department. Finding myself in the Telematics field made me choose a study field accordingly – I have a BA degree in Electronics Engineering and a MA degree in Computer Science engineering.

What was the day when you felt most proud of your team? 

Our company took part in a tender which happened to be very challenging for the whole company. During this period, we did what seemed impossible at first glance. My team and I exceeded the client’s expectations and they chose Ruptela for further cooperation. At that time, I realized that I made the right decision to work here because my team is creative and not afraid of the unknown.

How does your career path look like?

My career started at Ruptela and is evolving ever since then. I started as a trainee, later became an embedded system programmer, and currently hold a senior position. It took me 5.5 years. Cannot lie – time flies while working on exciting projects: LCV, HCV integrations, Car Sharing solutions, OBD, Asset tracking, Trace5 project, Device management platform creation.

What were your favorite moments at Ruptela so far?

My memorable experience was mentoring new employees. It was challenging because finding understandable ways to describe complicated firmware things is quite a task. I remember this time with a smile on my face.

Also, the day when I got an opportunity to attend courses to become a Certified Scrum Master.

The last one happened during our annual company event. I was awarded for my values-based behavior in front of our colleagues. It was excellent proof that my work and effort do not go unnoticed and assured me, that I’m on the right path.