Meet Justinas Balčiūnas – Cloud infrastructure Architect

What is your tech/work passion?  

I love to design and deliver IT infrastructure solutions—the more complex – the better. I like to get involved in various day-to-day tasks, but I‘ll always go for research and development (R&D) activities when presented with a choice. I enjoy finding and developing new solutions by experimenting with various IT infrastructure and software components so that they ultimately act as a robust, fine-tuned and efficient solution.

What is the definition of your daily work? How do you contribute to the best Ruptela cloud connectivity?  

I am the one who makes sure that our private cloud infrastructure is developed, functioning, and maintained as it should. The services that run in our private cloud environments are performing as designed, intended and are not hindered by shortcomings or malfunctions of the cloud platform itself.

This is achieved by having full visibility of the cloud platform’s processes and constant monitoring of the functional and performance metrics.

Running a cloud environment is never a finished business. It requires constant development and engineering effort because, with growing usage, you start to identify weaker configurations, underperforming components, inefficient integrations. Those need to be addressed before materializing into showstopping issues.

What are the personal/ professional skills needed to lead the private cloud at Ruptela?

Professional skills must be extensive and cover computing, networking, storage components, extensive knowledge of hardware and software that powers and supports the private cloud environment in an integrated and cohesive way. A good understanding of the workloads and services that will use the private cloud environment is a must too – this is essential to make the private cloud fit for purpose. Otherwise, it will end up just a generic platform without the key advantages that the private clouds deliver.

On the personal side, the person should be curious, resilient, and diligent, acting with integrity, listening, hearing, and acting upon the users’ feedback. Never stop learning and experimenting, be able to make decisions, act upon them and take responsibility.

I think anyone possessing these professional and personal skills would be a superb fit to lead any private cloud deployment.