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Meet Karolis, Business process manager – my LEAN mindset is always on  

You are a part of the Finance department and make our processes LEAN here. How is it connected? 

When my position was created, it was put under the Finance department wing. I am glad about this decision because LEAN helps with waste management. Less waste means more significant profits and less distractions on daily bases.

I am also happy about it because my direct manager is an exceptional leader. She continually teaches me the importance of the bigger picture understanding, complexness of the company and our business in general.

How did you find your interest in business processes?  

It all started a long time ago, the first time I saw Japan on TV. It looked like another planet and caught my attention. Later, I understood that the Japanese mindset is very similar to mine – perfection is not a final goal – steps towards it are.

When I started learning about LEAN, waste management, Kaizens and other unusual words, I began to adapt it to my personal and professional life. Right now, even my home kitchen is divided according to the LEAN methodology.

Do we have an internal culture that is suitable to LEAN methodology?  

Working at Ruptela with LEAN implementation and processes efficiency is rewarding. LEAN was welcomed here not only by management but by every employee – it really made my daily work easier, knowing that my colleagues see worth in it from the very beginning. LEAN at Ruptela means that all our employees bring value at work for internal colleagues, customers and our environment through products and services.

This company is complex and open itself – it is Lithuanian owned and founded but feels international to the very roots, starting internal English language and ending with more than 17 various cultures representatives around the office.

Where do you find inspiration for your plans?  

Interestingly, I have to go on workation or vacation to come back with new inspirations. My wife and I have a travel blog with a funny name “OOOO (often out of office)” where we share our experience of balancing full-time jobs and our urge to pack our bags.

My LEAN mindset and curiosity about everything are never off, not even when traveling. Other cultures give me ideas on how to go towards perfection. Sometimes I share my insights about a more comfortable and more effective way of life in return with people I meet. It may even be a cabin crew member who gets a piece of advice about an efficient LEAN way of pouring coffee while above the Pacific Ocean. It is a part of my mindset, not just my career.