Partner Network

Our success directly depends on our partners’ success. Therefore, we are committed to long-lasting partnership relations to achieve common results – growth and excellence in transport telematics.

Benefits for partners

Together with special commercial relations, our Partner Network offers participants a range of benefits:
Technical enablement
Marketing support
Sales boost

We are looking for medium-sized companies that are willing to grow 2.5 times faster than average. This might look like an ambitious goal, but has proved to be realistic and achievable. All our selected partners are growing, and some even reached a 3.5 times growth rate.

Partner Network members are provided with a carefully crafted tool set covering technology, sales and marketing fields. This tool set enables partners to nail down their expertise in all fleet management processes – from finding out client needs, to successfully installing a full solution.

Master your knowledge in telematics, grow faster, sell more and earn more!