FM-Tco4 HCV update for LCV CANbus

We are glad to announce, that on March 9th we have released FM-Tco4 HCV GPS tracking device firmware update. With the latest firmware we have made some improvements, that will increase overall device performance.

Please note, that for your device to work properly after this update you will need to make a small update on your side. This applies only when:

  • FM-Tco4 HCV device is used to read LCV CANbus.

If you are using FM-Tco4 HCV to read LCV CANbus you will need to update the configuration file. To do this, please follow the video instructions.

For LCV CANbus reading we strongly recommend to use our FM-Tco4 LCV device to get the best results.

Watch a video, that will show you how to update configuration file. However, if you run into a problem feel free to contact our technical support team ([email protected]). They are always willing to help!

How to update configuration file if you have the device “on the table” (not installed):

  1. Go to to download latest firmware and configurator pack;
  2. Select Ruptela devices -> FM4 -> FM-Tco4 HCV / HCV 3G / HCV BT -> firmwares and configurator;
  3. Download firmware and configurator pack or later;
  4. Extract pack;
  5. Launch configurator FM4 Configurator.exe;
  6. Connect FM device to computer;
  7. Select port from which FM device is connected (from drop down list) and click connect;
  8. Update firmware (standard firmware update procedure);
  9. When update complete, click GET CFG and the SEND CFG.

How to update configuration file remotely (over the air):

  1. Update firmware remotely;
  2. Download CFG file remotely;
  3. Launch configurator pack or later;
  4. Open the downloaded CFG file;
  5. Save it over the old CFG file;
  6. Upload the file to the device.