Assets and Trailers tracking solution

The complete solution for your assets monitoring, protection and optimization.


Introducing a ready-to-go solution that brings more value to your business through optimization and visibility of your high-value assets.

Make any asset visible and efficient with our integrated TrustTrack fleet management platform

This solution is powered by our TrustTrack fleet management platform which provides you with optimal asset management.

Live & Historical tracking

Assets real-time overview in the main app window: see the current position of your assets on the map.

Share your asset’s live location with your customer. See the position of the asset and track its movement.

Assets history overview:  track the details of your assets based on a selected time range.

Advanced reporting

Active assets report: See all active assets, including information on their battery level and current location.

Geozone report: Get detailed information on your asset’s current location and geozone name.

Effective asset monitoring

Be informed if your assets or trailers have not moved for a specified period of time.

Get an alarm when the battery level of the device is low.

Get notified if your assets or trailers leave a predefined geozone.

Technical features

The solution is equipped with powerful GPS tracking devices from our trusted partner Queclink to make your asset monitoring secure, effective and simple.


Exceptionally long battery life.

Easy to use

Quick installation.

Tailored to specific business needs

Rugged, waterproof housing available for harsh environments.

Industry applications



Flatbed trucks

Fixed assets

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