Eco-Drive solution

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.

Get most of the eco-driving analysis with our improved Eco-drive solution!

Economical driving

Reduce fuel consumption by teaching economical driving.

Driver behaviour analytics and reports show which driving skills and areas need improvement. It helps to understand, how employee driving style should change in order to drive economically, do not waste any fuel and reduce overall vehicle wear and tear. This calculation is based on idling time, extreme brakings, harsh brakings, RPM’s and additional data that you can easily pre-configure and tailor to monitor your fleet metrics.

Driver ranking and motivation

Rank drivers by their total performance score and identify places for improvement.

Driver behaviour information can be used to set-up a motivation or remuneration system for drivers. For example, drivers with the highest scores can be rewarded. In addition, Eco-Drive solution provides data to evaluate driver’s performance by taking into account more details. It allows seeing how safely and economically employee is driving.

Road safety

Improve fleet safety

Make sure that both the driver as well as the cargo arrive at the destination safely. Lower the accident risk on the road. Maintain your image as a reliable and accountable company/brand to partner with.

Get most of the eco-driving analysis with our improved Eco-drive solution. From now on, benefit from personalized configuration of parameters to get the analysis tailored to your business needs. In addition, take advantage of user-friendly display and get informative reports to influence and encourage safe and economical driving behaviour!

Forget about struggle and expenses while using different platforms for each car brand. Get the solution that unifies different car brands and easily manage your whole car park in one place.

Individualized configuration

Set your own targets for drivers – highlight the most relevant parameters.

Compare drivers extensively across over 70 categories available and see top-rated drivers.

Visibility for different brands

Customize your search according to your preferences – search by drivers, objects or driver scoring.

Get the list of all objects and the drivers easily visible and available in one window.

Have the analysis of different car brands of your car park in one platform.

Generate “one-click” detailed reports on your chosen objects or drivers to monitor driver behaviour in the most efficient way.

Advanced driver ranking

See the driver’s overall driving score calculated from his/her comprehensive driving behaviour, on a scale of 100 points. Easily compare and rank the drivers based on their total scoring results.

Drill down to details for an extensive driver’s scoring analysis. Benefit from a comprehensive overview  – get results in colours, percentages, and scoring points.

Eco-Drive data

Choose from 70 available parameters to monitor and analyse Eco-Drive results, related to fuel consumption and safe driving:

  • Dangerous driving point rate
  • Fuel wasting rate
  • Driven distance
  • Driving time
  • Fuel consumption
  • Overspeeding % of driving time
  • RPM in red band of driving time
  • Extreme braking event rate
  • Harsh breaking event rate
  • Harsh acceleration event rate
  • Excessive idling %
  • Cruise control use % of available to use
  • Dangerous driving points
  • Average speed
  • Extreme braking events
  • Fuel consumed
  • Fuel wasted
  • Harsh acceleration events
  • Harsh braking events
  • Idling duration
  • Maximum RPM rev/minute
  • Maximum speed
  • Normal braking event rate
  • Normal braking events
  • Wasted fuel % of fuel consumed
  • Overspeeding duration

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